24-27 February International Historical Film Festival Pápa, 2022

Welcome to the website of the  Pápa International Historical Film Festival!

It is a great pleasure to us that You have visited us, and we hope that we will host as many film professionals as possible.

Since the main aim of our festival is not only to distribute awards – of course, this is the most beautiful task – but rather to make film professionals, directors, writers, producers get to know each other from all over the world.

From every continent! What do we mean by ‘historical film’? Films which are related to events and periods already completed in history. Topics can depict any period, event from the antiquity until the 20 th century.

Periods of human history which our children only know from schoolbooks, literary works. Among these, Cleopatra’s story can take part, or a key experience of the 20 th century, the Communism, or
anything else.

In the category of ‘Feature Film’, we expect the so-called traditional historical films. But we also start a category of ‘Experimental Film’, as we also would like to receive some films which do not have a
traditional approach to the historical topic, not only ones which were shot from a realistic point of view. We also expect innovative works in the case of documentaries, and the same applies to the category of ‘Short Historical Feature’ as well as ‘Short Documentary’.

We also announced an opportunity of competition for young people studying film at university. The festival takes place in Hungary, in the town of Pápa. Pápa has a significant Hungarian historical past, its present image also represents that. We would like to organize this festival in a historical atmosphere, at a place where everything is provided for the artists to enjoy themselves. Modern accommodation, yet streets with historical milieu. Enormous castle for the receptions, yet modern cinema for the screenings.

The jury consists of excellent international film experts. We really hope that the current situation will change by October and we can meet freely between 24th -27th February 2022, in this beautiful town!

Zsolt Pozsgai
director, producer lead arranger

András László /Andrew László/

The first Pápa Historical Film Festival is dedicated to the memory of András László /Andrew László/, the world-famous cinematographer born in Pápa. The trophies created for the winners of the festival also invoke his figure.

Link: Andrew_Laszlo

INTERVIEW with Zsolt Pozsgai

Interview with the director of the festival, Zsolt Pozsgai

The starting of a festival is great work and great joy. Where did the idea come from and why do you expect the nomination especially of historical films?

For the last ten years I have had the opportunity of observing many international film festivals as film director, member of the jury, or sometimes president of the jury. I have gathered experiences from India to Alaska, and according to that I could see that it is worth organising a new international film festival here, in Hungary too. My last work of art, which has won many awards to my great pleasure at different festivals, can be called historical. I noticed that there are only few festivals with this theme. Yet, film-makers are interested in history, its periods and fascinating events – and the audience welcome them gladly. In Hungary also only few historical films are shot, maybe this festival will inspire the Hungarian film-makers too.  The further east we go from Hungary, the more film-makers are interested in the history of their nation, or the history of the world. In Bulgaria, Poland, India, Japan and in many other countries, even the cultural government supports this topic.